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The state-of-the-art research equipment

The Southern Federal University conducts research in following scientific fields:

There are 14 shared knowledge centers with unique state-of-the-art equipment, which can be used by scientists and students:
  1. Molecular Spectroscopy.
  2. Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Environmental Monitoring.
  3. Nanotechnology.
  4. Microsystems Engineering and Integrated Sensing Technology.
  5. High Performance Computing.
  6. Center of Aviation Engineering and Technology.
  7. Electromagnetic, Electromechanical and Thermal Properties of Solids.
  8. Mineral Resources and Environmental Research Center.
  9. Building Innovations.
  10. Center for Integrated Marine Research.
  11. Nanoscale Structure of the Substance.
  12. High Technology.
  13. Modern Microscopy.
  14. Applied Electrodynamics and Antenna Measurements.
Some equipment can be used online: